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Supporting your child with dyslexia at home.

Collette Costello founder of Dyslexic Mum has created the perfect resource to help support your child at home. Collette knows first hand the struggle that children face and as a teacher and someone with dyslexia, she create Mooki cards to help navigate the stages of understanding and thriving with dyslexia. Collette says:

Dyslexia is about more than a child finding it hard to learn to read and write. Dyslexic can make a child struggle in class and feel like they can't do things. It can affect emotions, motivation and self-belief. Yet dyslexic children have many strengths and they just need to be taught in a way that is right for them.

Dyslexic children need to be shown how to read and write in a dyslexic friendly way. Given the tools to help them manage their behaviour and to get organised. To be provided with the self-belief that they can do many great things. Knowing that there are many future jobs suited to dyslexic thinking.

Mooki Cards by Dyslexic Mum have been designed to do all this and more. Containing 10 minute activities to help the whole dyslexic child. Made by dyslexic mum and qualified teacher Collette Costello. Learn more see:

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