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Tuition & Study Skills Support for
Dyslexic Learners

Often a formal diagnosis provides a starting point for dyslexic learners and we are keen to be there throughout the journey of understanding strengths and supporting weaknesses.

We offer a range of tuition options for learners who have difficulties with literacy.

Studying at Home

Face to Face & Online Tuition
£120 placement assessment & action plan
5 per 50 min 1-1 session
£35 per 50 min
 small group session

We support learners who have a diagnosis of dyslexia and learners who are experiencing difficulties in specific areas of literacy.

An initial benchmarking assessment and an individualised action plan is required before tuition can start.  


Weekly sessions are 50 minutes in length and are tailormade to the individual.


Face to face tuition take place in Whitstable, Kent.


Study Skills & Exam Preparation
£55 per 45min small group session

A number of dyslexic learners will have extra time as an examination accommodation.  This is intended to level the playing field whilst maintaining the integrity of the examination.

We offer a 6 week programme which teaches learners how to maximise their extra time allowances and effectively revise.  The aim is for individuals to apply the skills learnt in these sessions for their studies.

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